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What politics mean to me

What do politics mean to me? It’s an interesting question, and one that I haven’t thought about all that much. My interest in politics started when I was about 13 years old, when I started learning and reading more into history in general. History has always fascinated me, and in my opinion, it was natural that I would transform that fascination into a fascination for politics.

Politics for me is the art of manipulating interests of millions of people, and using the power gained from that to change the world for the better (or worse). It is the clash of different worldviews and ideologies. It is also the conflict of classes throughout the ages, as seen from a Marxist, or a materialistic dialectics perspective.

I have always been interested in the different sides of politics, the wings and factions involved in the political proccesses in both Norway and other countries. And when I learned more both about political science and history, I have formulated my thoughts on how I want the world to look. For me, politics is the instrument to actually try and have a chance at implementing the change that I want.

All this might sound quite egoistic (and dramatic), but one must know that I am a leftist, one could even describe me as a socialist or communist. I did not enter politics for my own political gain, on the contrary, I entered politics because of my fascination for history and the lesson I’ve learned from it, and my will to help others in different ways.

Thank you for reading this little blog post, in my opinion I made it sound quite dramatic, but I think thats good, since I always like to shake things up a bit.


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